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Driver seat design is ready!
Design of our driver seat is done. The additional 6 point harness anti-submarine belt and restraint locations are soon to be added to the part in order to keep our driver safe. The production of it will be done by using carbon fibers and the wet lay-up method will be used.
1 November 2021

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Our team attended the orientation events at Sabanci University campus!
In order to introduce Sabanci Motorsport to new students at the orientation events held with the opening of Sabanci University, we attended with 4 teammates from different departments. Thus, while we had the opportunity to meet students who wanted to join our support team, we also had the opportunity to inform them in detail about our sponsors and our team.
1 September 2021

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Steel tubes arrived in the garage!
The steel tubes that are part of our hybrid monocoque chassis have arrived in our garage.
1 November 2021

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Safety Circuit is Ready!
The work of the circuit board has been finalized that prevents damage to the inverters (motor driver) while the engine is running. This is the most significant safety circuit that controls the relays that isolate our battery. It will be placed inside our battery and now the work of circuit is concluded!
1 October 2021

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Sabanci Motorsport team satisfaction survey has been conducted!
For understanding the satisfaction and motivation of the team members our marketing department conducted a satisfaction survey and analyzed the results of the survey to understand and solve problems in order to improve the quality of the team. This way every team member gives their feedback and suggestions about the team.
1 November 2021

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Our Chassis department began the autoclave process of the outer shell!
After the post cure application is completed and the necessary chemicals are applied to the mold surface, the laying of the outer shell is completed. In addition, the chassis mold was autoclaved to perform the sterilization.
1 September 2021

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