How to become a Sabancı Motorsport team member ?

We recruit team members via two ways. The first way is taking one of PROJ 201 courses from Sabancı Motorsport. The second way is filling out the application form. 


There is no specific time for joining the team, however,  you have to apply one of Sabancı Motorsport Projects at course registrations period. If you think you are qualified to join the team, you can directly apply via application form. The applicants will be evaluated according to the information they shared. One-on-one interviews and case studies can be arranged in the next stages.

In addition, announcements are made on our social media accounts and website for recruitment to the team.

1. PROJ 201

Undergraduate Project Course (PROJ 201) is designed to introduce the basics of project design, scientific research, and the necessary skills like time management and group work to complete scheduled work. The students have to take this course in freshman or sophomore year. PROJ 201 also helps students to see the applied side of their fields of interest and thus contribute to their specialization and informed choice of major. (


By participating in the project bazaar, students can apply for projects in their fields of interest. Sabancı Motorsport has 5 different projects. Sabancı Motorsport’s main team members from different departments lead the projects. Students are trained in line with the needs of our team, thus students who take an active role, have great motivation, and perform well in PROJ 201 will be included in the main team of Sabancı Motorsport. 


If you want to join our team, select one of our projects in the project bazaar and learn the necessary skills for building an electric race car from scratch.


Our Projects:


  • Aerodynamic Optimisation of a Racecar Using CFD

  • Production of Composite Monocoque Frame for a Racecar

  • Design of a Cooling System for Electrical Motor and Controller on a Racecar

  • Sensors Communication using Arduino system

  • Team, Budget, and Manufacturing Management for Competitive Project Team

2. Application Form

Please click here to go to application form.

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